Where it all started

It was 1981, BMX's were all the rage. I had spent the 70's on my 3 speed dragster and I sooooo wanted a BMX. I told Father Christmas I had been a very good boy and hoped he would bring me one..

That wasn't the plan :/

Well, Christmas morning was upon us, and there was no human powered transportation in sight? Only a Commodore 64 Home Computer with a 1541 5.25 inch floppy disk drive and a 1530 Datasette...

Moving On...

Oh well, apparently education was more important than a BMX, so not to dwell, I decided to make the most of my new toy and get stuck in to learning BASIC programming. My first program was a cross lotto number generator! I was hooked!

Fast Forward

So here we are! That Commodore 64 led to a three decade immersion in all things technical. That experience has led me to where I am today, poised to develop websites that ignite your business 🙂

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